AVI Video File Repair Software

The video files with .avi format get corrupted and becomes unplayable on Windows and Mac OS based systems due to various reasons. In such situations, if you are not finding solution to repair corrupted AVI files, then use AVI File Repair software.

Why to Prefer AVI File Repair Software?

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Supported Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server or Windows 2008 server

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Supported Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mountain Lion 10.8 (64-bit) and Mavericks 10.9 (64-bit)


Detailed Info about AVI File Repair Utility:

How to repair corrupted or damaged AVI file?

Usually AVI video files occupy larger memory space on storage drive because of its high clarity audio and video output. Most of the people often compress AVI video files to make best possible usage of storage space. Improper management of files in such circumstances may cause corruption of cherished AVI video files. Instead of panicking or feeling sorry for yourself in such situations you can make use of AVI File Repair software to fix corrupted AVI files. This read only software scans your corrupted AVI file in a secured way and recreates a new AVI file that has same characteristics or features of original AVI file. Once AVI file is repaired by this tool you can play it in any multimedia player without any glitch or hindrance.

Common scenarios of AVI file corruption

  • If any kind of error happens while converting AVI file into some other file format may cause corruption of AVI file. Once such undesired thing happen with AVI file there is no manual way to fix such issue.
  • Usage of any faulty or unreliable third party tool to play AVI video file can cause severe damage to AVI file which eventually results in inaccessibility of AVI file.
  • AVI file gets corrupt or damaged easily due to external attacks like virus, spyware, malware. When AVI file gets infected by these harmful viruses then it becomes very complicated for the user to play it.
  • AVI files get corrupted or damaged if your computer turns off abruptly when you are accessing or playing AVI file. Improper system shut down or sudden power outage can damage the file structure and header of AVI file due to which AVI file may get corrupt severely.

To circumvent AVI file corruption due to any of the above scenarios, it's strongly recommended to have an appropriate backup of all your vital AVI files. Furthermore, always make use updated and effective anti-virus on your system to prevent infection of harmful virus. Even after following these precautions, if AVI file gets corrupted then use this advanced software to know how to repair AVI files.

Ultimate features of AVI File Repair Software

  • Facilitates option to save repaired AVI files on any of your storage devices which can be accessed via Windows or Mac computer.
  • AVI File Repair software never compromises with the video quality. i.e. the quality of AVI video file remains integral even after repairing AVI video file.
  • Reliable tool to fix corrupted AVI file on all types of Windows or Mac file systems.
  • Effectively fixes AVI files that are saved on external hard disks, flash drives, USB hard drives, FireWire drives, pen drives, memory cards etc.
  • In case, if you want to know in detail about how to fix AVI codec issue, then visit this link: http://www.avifilerepair.com/codec.html

Recent Updates:

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Fix AVI Files That Won't Play: AVI File Repair tool helps to fix AVI files that wont play on MS Windows media player, VLC media player, Fix player, GOM player, etc. In addition, one can repair and adjoin audio and video data stream side by side with ease. For more updated information, simply visit here http://www.avifilerepair.com/wont-play.html.

How to Play Unplayable Video in VLC: The updated version of this software permits users to easily play unplayable video in VLC. For more detai about this topic, refer this page: http://www.avifilerepair.com/play-unplayable-video-in-vlc.html

Fix Damaged AVI Video File on Mac: Learn simple and reliable way to repair your damaged AVI file on Mac based system. For more detai about this topic, visit this link: http://www.avifilerepair.com/damaged-avi-video-file-on-mac.html

How to Fix AVI File with No Sound: By making use of this AVI file Repair software you can easily fix AVI file with no sound or other issues encountered with AVI files. For extra information, refer this link: http://www.avifilerepair.com/fix-avi-file-with-no-sound.html

Fix CRC Error in AVI File: AVI File Repair is one of the professional repair utility that helps users to fix CRC error in AVI file that are encountered while downloading, transferring, sharing through network, etc. For extract information, view this page: http://www.avifilerepair.com/crc-error.html.

Fix Unreadable AVI Files: With the help of AVI file repair you can easily fix unreadable AVI files as well oa other AVI files that are corrupted due to various reasons. To know more details about fixing unreadable AVI files, refer this page: http://www.avifilerepair.com/unreadable.html.

Fix Broken or Missing AVI Index: If you AVI file is not playing in any media player and displaying an error message like broken or missing AVI index, then don't panic. With the help of reliable AVI File Repair utility you can easily fix this issue. For more details, refer this page: http://www.avifilerepair.com/broken-or-missing-avi-index.html

Fix Audio Video Sync Problems in AVI Video File: Make use of AVI File Repair tool to fix audio video sync problems in AVI file on different media players with great ease. For more detail, visit this link http://www.avifilerepair.com/fix-audio-video-sync-problems-in-avi-file.html.

How to Fix Codec Error in AVI File: Now, its possible even novice users to employ AVI File Repair tool to fix codec error in AVI file unplayable on Windows Media player, VLC Media player, QuickTime Media player, etc. To know more information, visit here http://www.avifilerepair.com/fix-codec-error-in-avi-file.html

Emailing Large AVI Files: Now, its possible even for the novice users to send large sized AVI video files through email as an attachment to your friends, office colleagues and others instantly using Remo MORE toolkit. To know more information, refer this page: http://www.avifilerepair.com/emailing-large-avi-files.html.

Get this prominent AVI file repair tool to fix unplayable AVI files. Click on http://www.avifilerepair.com/unplayable.html and know how this software performs easy and safe repairing of unplayable AVI videos.

AVI File Repair software is recently updated to make it more efficient in corrupted AVI file repair. If you need to accomplish this repair process in simple steps, visit this link: http://www.avifilerepair.com/corrupted-avi-video-file.html.

Broken AVI file repair software- Want to fix broken AVI file? Here is the best broken AVI file repair software for you. By employing this tool you can make fix broken AVI videos easily. For more detail, visit at http://www.avifilerepair.com/broken.html

Steps to perform repair AVI file

Step 1: Download and install this tool on your PC then run it. Then you need to select AVI file to repair as shown in figure 1.

AVI Video Fixer - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You can preview repaired AVI file as shown in figure 2.

Corrupt AVI Video File Repair - Preview File

Figure 2: Preview File

Step 3: Save repaired AVI file to any of your desired location as shown in figure 3.

AVI Video File Repair Software - Save Repaired AVI File

Figure 3: Save Repaired AVI File